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Meet Doveina

Relationship/ Life Coach, Master's in Therapy, Certified Holistic Healer, Best Selling Author

Hello! Welcome to my site. I am passionate about our ability to create healing to alleviate emotional and physical pain; in our ability to create positive things- a healthy relationship, business, or baby. And in our ability to make a contribution to others or mother earth. I've been on my path of self and professional development for a decade, in which I've healed myself from trauma, depression, and ended toxic relationships patterns. I love to provide a safe space for a person to have awareness about their needs- shifting from negative to positive thinking, and making behavioral and lifestyle change for the healthier. I've helped everyone from children to elders. Focus on helping women, with gaining clarity with their next steps in life, and transitioning into a healthy relationship. I am a Queer Latina from a line of indigenous healers, who love's to write, meditate, pray in nature daily, and have manifested a healthy, happy relationship.


What I Specialize In



  • ​Increase awareness

  • End toxic/ unhealthy patterns

  • Education what+ how find healthy partner

  • Manifest healthy partner

Career Coaching-

  • ​Resume Help

  • Increase Probability Get Call Back

  • Clarity next steps in career

  • Career Change Strategies

  • Interview Help

Writing. Collaborations. Speaking. Workshops.

An Amazon Best Selling Author:

"Inspired Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain"

Life Coaching-

  • General life issues

  • Life transitions

  • Clarity on next steps in life

  • Women's Issues

Mental Health Therapy-

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • End of Life

  • Life


  • Trauma


  • POC

  • Existential

  • Women's Issues


The Journey towards a fulfilling life starts with self awareness, a plan + practice. Begin Your Journey Today.

"After one or two sessions of working with you, I have less depression, I can concentrate better and I feel like the darkness is clearing and actually have a light of hope now."

- Paula M.

"You have helped me realize my pattern of unhealthy relationships, and how to change that. Now I am with a partner I feel safe with. I deserve to be happy. 

- Amelia B.

“I am so thankful for Doveina in my life. She has helped me get clarity on my life purpose, make a career change, and help me overcome anxiety's and fears I have had. 

-Bianca Y.

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