Wellness Resources

You have the ability to heal yourself, create a project or positive outcome in your life, and make a contribution to your self, others or wider community. Let me show you how! 

Life Coaching

With years of experience in self development, helping others, and successfully manifested-healthy life partner,  best selling book, I would love to share what I've learned. What works for an individual with changing unhealthy thoughts, emotions, behaviors, to healthy ones. How to transforming pain to peace, or being able to use your energy to manifest and create dreams-whether it be a baby or a book, or healthy mind and body, free of stress. If you're feeling stuck, need a 'cheerleader' who's been through all the hardships, healed herself, and helped other's through their hardships, then reach out! 

Contact Doveina Serrano, MSW, Life Coach, Holistic Healer now at- 760-219-5538 for free consult to discuss getting support now. 


  • General Life Issues

  • Life transitions

  • Loss

  • Relationships

  • Mood

  • Parenting

  • Women's Issues

  • Wellness

  • End of Life

  • Stress Reduction

  • Spirituality (any) to have integrity

  • Mindfulness/Meditation

  • LGBTIQA Friendly (not expert)

  • Healing for POC

  • Creating new projects

  • Gaining clarity project or life path

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Holistic Healing

I incorporate and analyze the mindbodyspirit system, inside their environment, energy field/auric field. I am able to understand or pinpoint where a point of dis-ease mentally or physically is. Or if there is a physical issues related to a emotional issue or cause or vice versa. Our entire energy field and the emotional, spiritual, mental auras/layers are highly complex made up of thousands of systems. If something isn't right, it can be a wrench blocking the entire system from working properly. I've taken courses, gotten certificates from medicine women, and all types of healing modalities.  I am knowledgeable in several different Holistic Healing techniques. 

  • Intro to spirituality/Techniques

  • Chakra Rebalancing Technique

  • Body Awareness/ Bodywork

  • Breathwork/Meditation

  • Heart centered approach

  • Women's spirituality, body, healing

  • Goddess Spirituality and Practice

  • Healing for Ancestral Trauma

  • How to Use Spiritual Practice in Daily Practice

  • Coming Soon- Medical Intuition In August