Meet Doveina

Life Coach, Holistic Healer, Best Selling Author, Channelor

I'm passionate about using energy to create! To do self healing, or heal another, to create a positive outcome in life, a business, partnership, project. We have more power and ability then we realize or are taught. I have a master's in therapy which has taught me the importance of being centered on the client, and professional. I have worked on my own self development for a decade, and healed myself from depression, panic attacks, and unhealthy coping skills. Now I am happy, sober, in a healthy partnership, and recently published in a Amazon Best Seller. I love to meditate in my garden with hummingbirds. I have witnessed the dark side of humanity, and transformed that fear and pain into love and freedom. I am Latina with indigenous roots, and have worked with everyone from homeless folks, women, queer community, CEO's, and spiritual seekers. 

  • MSW Master's in Therapy

  • Published Author in Amazon's Best Seller "Inspired Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain."

  • Facilitated workshops

  • Led Individual and Group work

  • Certified Chakra Rebalancing Healer, Deeksha Healer

  • Channelor of higher dimensional beings