Projects/ Collaboration

I'd like to share what I'm passionate about creating. These are some of the projects I have created, or participated in the past. I have also included current projects I am working on, and future projects or collaboration I'd love to do. 

What I have Created

I love to tap into my ability to create! And share my creation with others, especially if it can be of benefit or bring some joy! We all have an innate ability to create. Lets use it to take action towards creating, and not chaos. Here are some of the projects I've worked on:

  • Completed Master's in Therapy

  • Facilitated Self Care Workshops

  • Facilitated Women's Healing Workshops

  • Completed Chakra-Rebalancing Certificate

  • Self Development for 10 years- healed self from mental health and physical health issues

  • Helping others professionally for 7 years

  • Diversity Training- Queer Community, Women, Refugees, Disabled, Trauma survivors, Addictions

  • Organizations- Latino Social Work Assoc., Volunteer for ARTS with children, Women in Business

  • Completed "How to be your own Medical Intuitive" Course

  • Channel higher beings through art, psychic reading, inter dimensional beings

  • Published Author in Amazon's Best Selling Book,  "Inspired Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain."

  • Check out link to author website, and youtube video: 

A Tower of Stones

Current Projects and Future Collaborations

This is what I am currently working on right now! I want to do more publications of my writing especially on women's issues, Mental Health/wellness/healing, Latino,  and POC experience. I'll be submitting to some websites soon. I also would love to connect with you! Whether you need support, or whether you have a business, website, or podcast and are looking to network and collaborate with like minded folks that have the same passions as you. You can send me an email, or text to connect directly, or connect via social media. 

  • Writing articles to submit to websites

  • Completing a Certificate for Energy Medicine- How to do Medical Intuitive Healing+ Various healing techniques (Coming Soon)

  • Channeling higher beings in art and readings

  • Open to networking, connecting with others

  • Open to collaborating with others- for writing, social media, online events or programming, podcasts

  • Open to speaking at events, and being on a panel